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Bad Blood

I simply amazed how insane the CEO of Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes, when she was running the company.

The FOMO (Feare of Missing Out) culture and the fake it until you make it mentality made this possible.

Instead of choosing to condemn the multiple people in the faults, I want to praise the people who bought this crime into light, namely, Tyler Schulz, Erika Cheung, Gary Betz, Gary Yamamoto, and John Carreyrou.


It Doesn’t Have to be Crazy at Work

It doesn’t have to be crazy at work

I hope more people read this so that we will create no more Theranos and Fyre.

My takeaways from this book:

  1. Starting a business is easy, compare to keeping the business running.
  2. A company is a supporter of family, it’s not a family.
  3. Run a profitable company from day 1.